UK Fungus Day 9th October 2016


Explore the amazing world of fungi and fungal research

Fungus Day, the outreach arm of the British Mycological Society (BMS), is supporting a celebration of fungi and fungal science through nationwide events which give visitors to venues across the UK the chance to explore the amazing world of fungi.Events will take place on and around the weekend of the 8th and 9th October 2016 and will kick start ‘Biology Week’, organised by the Royal Society of Biology.

Dr Ali Ashby, chair of BMS Fungal Education & Outreach, says: “These events offer a unique opportunity to unite all aspects of fungal science under one umbrella,from reporting on the latest scientific breakthroughs in fungal research to inspiring the general public with fascinating fungus facts”.

Professor Nick Read, BMS President and Professor of Fungal Cell Biology and Director of the Manchester Fungal Infection Group at the University of Manchester, said: “The UK Fungus Day presents an extraordinary opportunity for both academic and non-academic mycologists to communicate their passion and enthusiasm for fungi. It will be a fantastic and exciting educational experience for everyone involved in this extremely important event”.

Events may include a chance to go on a fungus walk with expert field mycologists; grow your own mushrooms;speak to scientists about their research;explore why fungi are both friends and foes and why it is so important for us to study this fascinating kingdom of organisms –you may even get a demonstration of how the fly agaric mushroom got its spots!”

Some of the UK’s most prestigious institutions are taking part in UK Fungus Day events in 2016; including UK Universities,schools and colleges,the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens, the National Trust and RSPB Nature Reserves, The Wildlife Trust, Plant life, National Botanic Gardens and Science centres.

For more information on events near you please visit our website:

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