Riina Rautemaa-Richardson

Consultant Medical Mycologist at the University Hospital of South Manchester and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow in the Institute of Inflammation and Repair, University of Manchester since 2009. I am also affiliated with the Manchester Medical School. I am a member of the UHSM Infectious Diseases team and associated with the National Aspergillosis Centre, and I have expertise in medical microbiology, medical mycology, infectious diseases, mucosal immunology as well as oral and vaginal health and disease. I have a special interest in chronic vulvo-vaginal candidosis as well as the impact of presence of the pathogenic yeast Candida in the upper airways on pneumonia and systemic infections. I have expertise in the management of a spectrum of other mycoses including fungal sinusitis and skin infections in compromised patients. I have also been awarded a diploma in Infection Control.

My research group (3 PhD students and a post doctoral fellow) undertakes basic research (genomics, pathogenesis and mechanisms of antimicrobial drug resistance and carcinogenicity of microbial acetaldehyde production), applied laboratory work (models of pathogenesis, molecular diagnostics, antifungal resistance testing, pharmacology of new antimicrobials), and clinical studies (antimicrobial resistance, tissue responses to chronic mucosal infection and acetaldehyde exposure). My main emphasis is on the pathogenesis of chronic mucosal infections.  To date I have published a total of over 80 peer-reviewed articles and books or book chapters in the field of medical microbiology, mucosal immunology, infectious diseases and oral medicine.

I am also an awarded teacher with a PG Diploma in Medical Education. I have actively participated in the development of medical and dental curricula for clinical microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases. Also, I am the Course Director for the University of Manchester Masters Program in Medical Mycology as well as a Manchester Medical School Communities Champion, in addition to being the lead for the PEP in Infectious Diseases at UHSM. 

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Senior Clinical Research Fellow