Paul Bowyer

Paul Bowyer is a Senior Lecturer in Molecular Mycology at MFIG. Paul has worked on the molecular biology of fungal pathogens for more than 20 years with publications, respectively in Science and Nature, on saponin detoxification in phytopathogens and sequencing of the A. fumigatus genome.

Alongside Dr Mike Bromley, Paul has developed a complete transcription factor knockout set for A. fumigatus, and parallel fitness and high throughput insertional mutagenesis methods. He has also performed extensive genome sequencing and SNP analysis of A. fumigatus isolates for use in analysis of drug mode of action and resistance studies.

He has established several bioinformatics pipelines on the University of Manchester CSF 4900 core cluster that allow direct comparison of fitness from next generation sequence tags (bespoke Perl), standardised SNP calling and genome assembly (BWA-mpileup, SNPSift/SNPEff) and statistical RNAseq analysis (EDGER, DESEQ). He has co-founded the immunotherapeutics company Alergentica SL and served on the scientific board of the fungal diagnostics company Myconostica Ltd. (purchased by Lab21 in 2012).

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