The Burden of Serious Fungal Infections in Cameroon.

TitleThe Burden of Serious Fungal Infections in Cameroon.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMandengue, CE, Denning, DW
JournalJ Fungi (Basel)
Date Published2018 Mar 30

Fungal infections are frequent in Cameroon, and invasive fungal infections are sometimes detected, usually in HIV-infected patients. For these reasons, we have estimated the burden of fungal infections. Using published literature and population estimates for the at-risk group, we used deterministic modelling to derive national incidence and prevalence estimates for the most serious fungal diseases. HIV infection is common and an estimated 120,000 have CD4 counts

Alternate JournalJ Fungi (Basel)
PubMed ID29601494