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Global health improvement targets announced on World Aspergillosis Day

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Aspergillosis, lung and sinus disease caused by the fungus Aspergillus, affects around 15 million people and kills over 1 million each year. Announced at the 8th biennial Advances against Aspergillosis international conference in Lisbon starting on February 1st (World Aspergillosis Day), are the 5 Aspirational targets for aspergillosis to be achieved by 2030:


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Fungi are everywhere, and a few species can cause very serious lethal infections. Fungal infections (mycoses) kill more people around the world than malaria. There are no vaccines to protect against fungal infections and we often diagnose them too late to save the patient.

Our exhibit at the Manchester Science Festival spotlights UK research that will help to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mycoses.